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    Sunday, January 19, 2014

    BAN Sejarah - Wadi Al-Salam : Perkuburan Terbesarn Dunia Di Iraq

    Wadi us-Salam.. Terletak di Najaf,Iraq. Sebuah perkuburan islam dengan keluasan 1485.5 ekar and terdapat berjuta kubur. Ia dikategorikan sebagai perkuburan terbesar dunia.Najaf juga adalah sebuah bandar terbesar di irang dengan populasi penduduk kat bandar tu dalam lingkungan 600K. Dan lebih menginsafkan kita tentang kematian, Wadi Al-Salam dikatakan menjalankan proses pengkuburan mayat setiap hari sejak dari 1400 tahun dulu. Sudah bersedia bersemuka dengan jibrail ?

    The graveyard holds importance in Shiite belief as it has been said that the souls of all faithful men and women shall be moved there, no matter where their bodies have been buried. Many prophets, kings, princes and Sultans lie in this cemetery including that of Prophet Hud, Prophet Saleh, and Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, as well as the remains of the prince of faithfuls, Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

    Wadi Al-Salam cemetery contains graves built with baked bricks and plaster and it rises at different levels. Among the tombstones are the room-size family crypts built by the wealthy, often topped by domes. There are also underground burial vaults that can be get down by ladder. Graves from the 1930s and 1940s have their own style, soaring up 10 feet with rounded tops so that people would see them over their neighbors.

    During the Iraq war in 2003, heavily-armed fighters of the Iraqi militia frequently used the cemetery to hide and ambush approaching enemy units. The Americans cannot get into the area, because it's full of winding lanes and underground mausoleums. The local gunmen who knew their way around would hit and then run and hide inside the many tombs.

    When the rebels took refuge in the narrow spaces among the crowded tombs the Iraqi army ruthlessly bulldozed its way through the graves of its fellow soldiers. To this day, piles of wrecked cages from the graves remain stacked on the roadsides.

    The violence that has overwhelmed Iraq since 2003 has lead to a massive expansion of the graveyard, swelling it by 40 percent to about three square miles. The cemetery has grown every year since 2004, first with the clashes against American forces, then the sectarian wars of 2006-2007 when Shiites and Sunnis were killing each other at a murderous rate, and finally in the 2008 battles with the Iraqi army. In recent years, though, its growth has slowed.

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