BAN Tech - Pilatus: Jalan Keretapi Di Puncak Bukit Switzerland

Kenapa kat malaysia tak semua negeri ada keretapi and service keretapi pun macam services kereta kena api. Takde keretapi laju yang boleh menghubungkan setiap bandar di setiap negeri di malaysia. Yang mengawal keretapi juga hanya KTM semata-mata. Kalaulah setiap bandar2 di malaysia dihubungkan dgn keretapi, kan lebih senang.

The Pilatus railway (German: Pilatusbahn, PB) is a mountain railway in Switzerland and is the steepest rack railway in the world, with a maximum gradient of 48%. The line runs from Alpnachstad, on Lake Lucerne, to a terminus near the Esel summit of Mount Pilatus at an altitude of 2,073 m (6,801 ft), which makes it the highest railway in Obwalden. At Alpnachstad, the Pilatus railway connects with steamers on Lake Lucerne and with trains on the Brünigbahn line of Zentralbahn.

The line is 4.6 km (2.86 mi) long, climbs a vertical distance of 1,629 m (5,344 ft), and has a rail gauge of 800 mm (2 ft 7 1⁄2 in). Because of this system, there are no conventional points or switches on the line, only rotary switches and traversers. All railway is laid on solid rock, securing rails by high-strength iron ties attached to the rock, without using any ballast.

The line still uses original rack rails that are now over 100 years old. While they have worn down, it was discovered that this can be fixed by simply turning the rails over, providing a new wearing surface that would be sufficient for the next century as well. The car electric engines are used as generators to brake the car during descent, but this electricity is not reused - it is just dissipated as heat through resistance grids.

Originally, the steam engines were used as compressors to provide dynamic braking, since the use of friction brakes alone is not practical on such a steep slopes.

Agak2, kalau malaysia buat, berapa billion kos pembuatan.

Info Asal : Wikipedia

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