BAN Runtuh - Stadium World Cup Brazil Runtuh Masa Pembinaan

Aku baru nak tempah tiket ke brazil nak tengok world cup. Kena hold dululah worldcup tahun ni. Mana tau kot2 jadi runtuh macam stadium terengganu. Tak pasal2 mat said kena menjawab sampai la ni tak settle lagi. Kes kat brazil ni ada iras la mcm kes kat terengganu. Bezanya kat brazil stadium ni tengah bina then crane tu jatuh. Harap2 bukan indon yang kerja kat situ. Nantikan indonesia jugak yg salah.

Two people are believed to have been killed after a crane collapsed at the Brazilian football stadium due to host the opening match at next year's World Cup.

The final part of the structure, which was due to be one of the centerpieces of the 2014 tournament,  was being installed at the Corinthians stadium when the 500-ton crane cut through the roof of the east side stand, causing extensive damage.

One of the dead workers, 42-year-old Fabio Luis Pereira, was inside a truck when it was hit by the falling metal structure.

The other, 44-year-old Ronaldo Oliveira dos Santos, was said to be 'napping' during a break in an area that was supposed to have been cleared.

Info Asal : DailyMail
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  1. nanti mat said bolehlah jadikn ni modal bekap stadium runtuh terengganu

  2. tiba2 tgh syok melompat tgk world cup. banggggg runtuh.

  3. UMNO Brazil punya kerja.

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