BAN Arkitecture - RupaBentuk Museum Yang Sangat Spectikus Seluruh Dunia

Adakah najib razak akan buat transformasi terhadap museum di negara kita. Ataupun menunggu anwar menang kes penipuan pru13, then minta anwar ibrahim buat satu klasik unik sarkastik museum of malaysia. Boleh menceritakan peristiwa bersejarah 50tahun memerintah, rumah flat dijadikan rumah idaman rakyat.

Di Doha umat islam mampu mencipta satu binaan museum yang sangat unik dan diklasifikasikan sebagai binaan yang spectacular. Aku pasti tikus tidak mudah keluar masuk dalam museum tu. Nantikan habis barang artifak purba hancur.

BMW World in Munich, Germany has a distinctive double cone. It is used both as an exhibition hall and also for getting cars to new customers.
The Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France has all of its elevators, stairs, and pipes on the outside of the building. As a result, interior walls can be rearranged to adjust floorplans as exhibits change.
The Centre Pompidou-Metz in Metz, France has a lattice roof inspired by a Chinese bamboo hat.
The Experience Music Project in Seattle was inspired by a broken Fender Stratocaster guitar. It was endowed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.
The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Bilbao, Spain is a work of art itself. It has also put Bilbao, an industrial city, on the map as a center for art.

The Jewish Museum Berlin is actually two buildings. The newer one has a zigzag footprint and a shiny titanium facade.
The Kunsthaus Graz in Graz, Austria has almost 900 fluorescent bulbs that can display rough images and animations.
The Maritime Museum in Lingang, China has two curved roof shells in the shape of sails over the exhibition hall. It is large enough to display ships.
The MAXXI in Rome, Italy took 10 years to build. It has exposed concrete, glass, and steel.
The Museo Soumaya in Mexico City, Mexico was commissioned by billionaire Carlos Slim to display his art collection. Around 17,000 metal plates help to create that facade.
The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar is located on an artificial island. Its design is on display as the sun creates contrasting light and shadow.

The National Art Center in Tokyo, Japan has fins over its wavy glass facade to prevent direct light from entering.
The Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba, Brazil is known as the "Museu do Olho," and the "eye" can be seen from a distance.
The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada was designed using overlapping glass and aluminum to create a "crystal" structure.
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York is the oldest Guggenheim Museum. It has a 400-meter long ramp that spirals its way to the fourth floor.
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  1. perkara yg umno tak mampu buat. selepas merdeka 50tahun.

  2. ada duit, semua jadi. Malaysia yg kaya raya, tapi penuh hutang. semua percaturan politik umporno

  3. bhai,

    patut lu letak gambar muzium negara last sekali. kontradik dengan gambar yang lain2.

    1. najib marah. rosmah kata outdated. nanti dia nk buat rosmah museum collection.

  4. patutla muzium kat malaysia xde orang nak datang... hambar je... btw jom join contest yang sangat mudah kat sini.


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