BAN Apple - iOS 7 Yang Super Secure Dan Panoramic View (Macbook, iPad, iPhone)

Semalam apple ada buat WWDC yang mempromosikan iOS7 terbaru mereka serta features yang dibuat penambahbaikan. Selain itu juga, apple menyatakan sedikit pembaharuan dibuat pada MacBook. iWork dikatakan bakal memberi saingan kepada google docs tapi google docs sudah banyak digunakan dan iwork only for apple products. Google Win.

Untuk iOS 7 ni, aku tengok interface dia ada sedikit macam android 4.1 tapi aku paling suka icon pada iOS7 yang nampak lebih smooth panoramic view. Secantik sehalus selembut sutera. Tapi android 4.2 juga dikatakan sangat incredible view dan sama-sama kita nantikan.

Pada 2014 mungkin akan ada satu lagi OS yang bakal masuk. Ubuntu juga dikatakan semakin upgrade dan dikatakan akan launch ubuntu touch phone pada 2014 nanti. Interface ubuntu touch mmg sangat awesome. Seperti iOS + android = ubuntu touch.

iOS 7 was the most exciting news. It completely changes the way you will interact with your iPhone and iPad.
The control center lets you swipe up from the bottom of the device to get to settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
All apps will have full multitasking. The system is smart enough to let your apps run in the background without killing your battery.
AirDrop is a new feature that will let you share files between other iPhones and iPads over Wi-Fi.
The new camera lets you switch modes easier and has some Instagram-like filters built in.
Siri is more useful. You can even change it to a male voice.
Apple has added new security features that disable your iPhone if its lost or stolen. There's no way for the phone to be reactivated without your AppleID.
Apple redesigned its Time Capsule and Airport Extreme wireless routers to get you faster Internet at home.
Finally, for drivers, Apple unveiled iOS in the Car. iOS in the car lets you access Siri, Maps, Messages, and other features on your in-dash screen.
Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Ferrari, Chevrolet, Kia, Hyundai, Volvo, Jaguar, and other manufacturers are on board. PROTON, PERODUA ? HOPEFULLY #LOL

First up, Apple unveiled its latest operating system for Mac computers, OS X Mavericks. Look for the operating system to launch this fall.
OS X Maverick's highlights include, Apple Maps for the desktop, a new version of Safari, a revamped notification center with quick reply, and a brand new calendar app.
You can read iBooks on your desktop too.
The 11-inch MacBook Air now gets 9 hours of battery life and the 13-inch will get 12 hours.
The new processors offer up to 40% better graphics performance. There's also a faster Wi-Fi chip.
Apple's Google Docs challenger is called iWork for iCloud. It's a new app that lets you create documents in your browser on Mac and PC.

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